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Terradora Greco di Tufo 2019, Italian White Wine, Campagna, Italy DOCG


From one of the most esteemed wineries in Southern Italy's Campagna DOCG region, comes this expressive white wine. 

Varietal: 100% Greco

Tasting Notes: Medium-full bodied. Elegant and balanced with captivating fragrances of white flowers, minerals, citrus, white fruit, pear and apple overlaid by subtle honey. The fine acidity melds well in the richness of the body and in the long aftertaste of mineral and fruit.

Food Pairings:
shellfish, grilled fish, water buffalo mozzarella, Thai curry dishes, salmon, sea bass, grilled tuna or lemon-roasted chicken.

Terredora Winery is the result of two brothers, Walter and Antonio Mastroberardino, descendants of an ancient wine-making family, deciding to divide their ways; Antonio kept the family company, while Walter the ancient vines. In 1994, with his sons Paolo, Lucio and Daniela, Walter built a new winery, called Terredora Di Paolo, in the name of his wife Dora Di Paolo.