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Selvagrossa 'ICA' Rosato, Marche, Italy

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Present a bottle of Selvagrossa's 'ICA' Rosato at your next gathering and you'll be the hit of the party!

A very delicate and nuanced rosé, big on floral components alongside crunchy, fresh red berries and accompanied by a briny quality that accentuates the acidity and keeps your thirst ever so quenched. On top of its palatableness, it's an incredible food wine. One that is textured enough to be enjoy with many types of cuisine, including heavier dishes outside of its aperitif-friendly vibes; think grilled dishes, cheese and charcuterie, salmon, bird game and even spicier dishes. It's fruitiness and acidity make it such a match with examples such as these in mind.

The wine is made from Ciliegiolo, a grape often times seen in Tuscany, which in relation to Sangiovese in the Marche, is sensible to consider planting. Tuscany can observe richer styles of this varietal at times, but in the Marche, a fresher and lighter style is captured. Its name is derived from the Italian word for "cherry" if that gives you any additional hint to the character observed in this wine, as well as the brilliant color the varietal exhibits (seen especially in red form).

Selvagrossa, located in Pesaro’s foothills facing the Adriatic coast of Le Marche in Central Italy, is a very small estate with only 5 hectares of vineyards. Sangiovese, the area’s dominant vine, along with select international varieties, find a terroir favorable to the production of great wines with character.

Brothers Alberto and Alessandro Taddei inherited the estate in 2002 from their grandparents, and the first Selvagrossa wine was made that same year from an old-vine Sangiovese vineyard, originally planted in the early 1970’s by Alberto and Alessandro’s father and grandfather.