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Riedel Crystal Glassware, 'Fato A Mano' Pinot Noir Glass

Fatto A Mano combines the sophistication of handmade crystal glass in the style of the ancient Venetian tradition with the very latest 21st century crystal glass making technology. This new stemware collection bears the typical attributes of a Riedel product: varietal specific, thin blown, unadorned, and standing tall on slender stems.

The ancient, colorful Venetian crystal glass making tradition inspired and ignited the thought process and led the way towards the required design, where the stem and base would be made by hand and the Crystal Bowl blown by machine.

Together, with Riedel's very talented Tyrolean crystal glass makers, Riedel tried, tested and experimented until they had perfectly mastered the Venetian puzzle. They discovered how to build the multi-colored stems by hand and how to fuse, in the hot stage, the Crystal Bowl to the hand made colored stem. Fatto a Mano, meaning hand-made in Italian. Each piece features Riedel trademark, hand polished thin rim.