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Public Goods - Macaroni & Cheese


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Classic Mac & cheese - but upgraded. Made with 100% organic premium durum wheat and cheddar cheese, our mac is a ready-made meal you can feel good about.

Each box includes a packet of creamy cheese sauce -- not the usual pouch of dry, chemical-laden cheese powder. This means no remnant clumps of artificial cheese dust in your bowl -- only rich and velvety ribbons of real cheddar.

Riff on this oldie-but-goodie by mixing in your favorite vegetables, adding a pinch of nutmeg, or crumbling a buttery cracker-crust on top.

What’s in it: Organic durum wheat semolina, organic cheddar cheese, organic butter. What’s not in it: Toxic industrial chemicals, phthalates, and artificial flavors. It’s all good: This product is non-GMO, certified organic, ready-made, and highly riffable. Product of USA.