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One-Bottle 'Wine & Dine' Gift Box



One-Bottle 'Wine & Dine' Gift Box!

The Sommelier-Curated 'Wine & Dine' Gift Box offers all essentials for a gourmet experience, making it a refined and thoughtful gift for any occasion.
Perfect for cozy evenings or entertaining at home, cherishing moments with loved ones, and its portability ensures you always have a gracious offering when visiting family or colleagues.
Gift Box Includes:
      • One bottle of Sommelier-Curated Wine¬†
      • Turkish Cotton Serving Napkin¬†
      • Artisan Sourdough Crackers
      • Olive Tapenade
      • Cheesy Pretzel Bits¬†
      • Hand-Crafted Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks
      • Mini Jar of Serving Honey¬†

Feeds 1-2 People.

For personalized wine selections, feel free to email:


We're more than happy to recommend specific wines tailored to your preferences.

Fine Wine, Gourmet Food & Curated Gifts.
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