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Martin's Pretzel Bakery - Martin's Handmade Pretzels - Classic Pretzel 25/4pk Bags


Our pretzels begin with a simple—and secret—sourdough recipe of flour, water, yeast, and salt.

Our bakers then hand-roll and hand-twist each and every pretzel. The uneven hand pressure and distinctive twisting create our signature finished texture: a pretzel with varied density, and an endlessly varied eating experience, with which no machine-made pretzel can compete.

Once rolled and twisted, Martin’s pretzels are briefly boiled in water and soda—which creates the distinctive and deep pretzel-brown crust—then salted by hand before lining up in pairs on wooden peels, where they meet the rotating deck of a 550-degree stone-lined oven for about ten minutes.

Finally, all of Martin’s pretzels are dried in a very low-temperature oven, which ensures the pretzel’s thorough and toothy crunch.