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Garnacha Del Fuego, 2018, Old Vine Garnacha from Spain


This is a GREAT value red wine that doesn't skimp on complexity or flavor.  Medium-bodied with intense flavors and a solid dose of spice. Lots of blackberries, black pepper, a slight pull from the tannins, black licorice with a balance of dried strawberry pieces, and some cooling blueberry. The acidity allows the flavors to shine.  Great with barbecue meats and veggies. 

The Garnacha de Fuego 2018 is an old vine (between 39 and 79 years old) Garnacha sourced from mountainside vineyards in the Calatayud district of the Aragon DO in northeast Spain. This is one of Jorge Ordóñez Selections line of imported wines, he is one of the most respected importers in the world for Spanish wines.

The Summary

  • Wine Spectator Top 100 Value Wines and has reviewed well for years.
  • If you want great value red wines, learn to like Garnacha/Grenache, there are multiple solid well-priced Garnacha based red wines from Spain and France.
  • The Garnache de Fuego gives a sense of place while still being easy to understand for those used to American wines.