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Fatty Sundays - Happy Holidays Gift Set


Say Happy Holidays with this fabulous gift box filled with drool-worthy chocolate covered pretzels AND packaged in a custom designed gold foil sleeve.

We love this gourmet chocolate covered pretzel company based in NY called Fatty Sundays. Co-founded by 2 sisters, Ali and Lauren, Fatty Sundays is re-inventing and modernizing everyone's favorite sweet + salty treat (all inspired by their Mom's famous sprinkles pretzels they enjoyed so much growing up!) 

There is a ton of flavor, texture and crunch packed into each and every bite and Fatty Sundays pretzels are that quintessential gift, treat for yourself or gourmet snack.

Best-selling flavors included: Peppermint, Salted Caramel, Sprinkles and Toffee. Includes 3 pretzel rods per flavor, 12 pretzels per set. Each pretzel rod is approx 4" long. Certified Kosher. 

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