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Celebratory Jam by the Gracious Gourmet


Limited Edition Celebratory Jam from the Gracious Gourmet is perfect for all of your holiday needs!

Quintessential red berries — cranberries, strawberries and raspberries — with a splash of fresh orange juice. You can serve it in so many different ways! For breakfast, use it instead of ordinary jam on all sorts of breads or stir into yogurt. For lunch, spread on a turkey/chicken/pork or grilled cheese sandwich. For dinner, pair with poultry and game, accompany a cheese board, and even spoon over ice cream. The packaging is so gorgeous and festive, you will love to give this jar of jam as hostess presents, secret santa gifts and stocking stuffers. **** Please note this is a limited edition and will be sold until it runs out — so do not be disappointed by waiting until the last minute. Order now!