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Bonny Doon Vineyard 'Le Cigare Blanc', 2020, Central Coast, CA


Such a great cool weather white Rhone blend from the Central Coast!

It is a juicy, mildly floral wine that keys on sweet peaches graced with a light touch of honey and, while rounded, and slightly viscous in feel, it is buoyed by freshness and enjoyable with or without food. 

Featuring mostly Grenache Blanc, it is the Vermentino character that shines through in this wine - pineapple, lime, mango and pine tree, herbal underbrush and wet stones. There is a lively acidity on the palate and the addition of Clairette Blanche to the blend adds sustained length to the palate - a basso continuo, if you will. Alcohol well in hand and quite delicate in weight - just a delicious, refreshing gulp of wine.

Perfect with seafood and more delicate fish, ideally grilled a la plancha (perhaps with rosemary).

Blend: 60% Grenache Blanc, 32% Vermentino, 8% Clairette Blanche

Bonny Doon Vineyard has enjoyed a long history of innovation – the first to truly popularize Rhône grapes in California, the first to popularize screwcaps for premium wines, and, quite significantly, the first to embrace true transparency in labeling with its ingredient labeling initiative. The upside of all of this activity has brought an extraordinary amount of creativity and research to the California wine scene.