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Cain Cuvee NV16, Spring Mountain, Napa Valley, CA


Tasting Notes

The NV16 illustrates perfectly the way in which two vintages blended together can complement one another. 2015 was a moderately warm year with very low yields, while 2016 had higher yields and was cooler. 2016 gave us some lovely, light, perfumed wines, while 2015 plumps it up with roundness and warmth. The signature of the Cain Vineyard comes through clearly, while the vineyards in Rutherford, Oakville, and Carneros each contribute their part.

The result, NV16 Cain Cuvée, has a bouquet of raspberries, red cherries, forest, and earth, but the best is the palate. This one steps lightly and with elegance—mouth-filling without being heavy, it slips down easy to a delicate, clean finish.

2015, 2016

Vineyard Locations:
41% Spring Mountain District, 59% Valley Floor
100% Napa Valley

About Cain

by Jerry and Joyce Cain

550 acre ranch
90 acres planted
Spring Mountain District

12,000 cases

Jim and Nancy Meadlock

Cain Five—Cain Vineyard, Estate Grown & Bottled
Cain Concept—The Benchland
Cain Cuvée—Napa Valley

Christopher Howell